Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ecosystem Services #2

I have been doing some more reading about ecosystem services, thanks to Mr./Ms. Economics of Biodiversity. This kind soul was the first to comment on my fledgling blog, regarding my post on Ecosystem Services vs Biodiversity.

I do agree with EoB's point that biodiversity underpins ecosystems services. After all, it is the biology that is providing the services. The additional reading I have done has reinforced my feeling that getting people to take action on conservation can best be done through a discussion of ecosystem services. It is not a matter of which is more important than the other, it is a matter of which appeals to a broader audience and can therefore pull the other along on its coat tails.

Click here for the best (at least the easiest to understand) summary I found on ecosystem services. I especially like the story about New York City avoiding a $6 - 8 billion bill for upgrading its artificial water filtration system, by investing $660 million to stem development in its natural water filtration system, the Catskills watershed. If you have never been to the Catskills, here is what it looks like. This is from a 2007 family camping trip to North-South Lake.


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